Investment in the Character of the Human Spirit

We embrace the great strength of workplace diversity & help others do the same.


A Chorus of Talent

Diverse, talented company team of a modern, inclusive company.

The Martin-Vader Company embraces diversity on multiple levels—as part of our own fundamental way of conducting business, and as a component of our consulting services to help other businesses broaden their opportunities and insights.

Central to this is a company belief system that deeply appreciates the incredible ribbon of talent, depth, value and human insight that peoples of many nations, diverse backgrounds, and experiences bring to the business (and personal) enrichment table.

Company Policy As Catalyst

Diversity and inclusiveness broaden a company's resources and access to new ideas, new talent, and new markets. There has never been a time of such availability, potential and opportunity. Some very apt expressions have, over time, become somewhat trite, such as "global village" and "the world is getting smaller," but their root meanings nevertheless ring true.

An inclusive approach to the recruitment of human talent invigorates a company's enterprise, and diversity in the company's business relationships allows it to flourish in ways that it could not absent that diversity and inclusiveness.

Small boy with map of entire world painted on his face, representing global unity and diversity.

Diversity As A Company Strength

MVC's senior company talent has the good fortune of long-term experience in working with individuals from all over the globe. We incorporate diversity, in all of its forms, as part of a holistic strategy for our operations. We can also help companies develop diversity initiatives and business platforms for themselves. This includes formulating policies, procedures, training materials and similar mechanisms to accurately reflect the entity's diverse and inclusive direction.

MVC Policy

The Martin-Vader Company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or veteran status. In the case of employees, we base our decisions on an individual's abilities and qualifications; a matching mindset is applied as we grow our own business-to-business relationships and partnering.

MVC has a deep appreciation for other cultures, other nations, and people from an array of backgrounds and experiences. We see incredible value and opportunity in this, and also see how so much of our modern world is utterly dependent on diverse, intercultural, international connections every day.