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    MVC Soon to Deploy IRIS Project Management System™

    As part of its new upcoming website, the Martin-Vader Company will transition from its venerable "MVC Pivate Test Staging Area" project tracking resource to our new IRIS Project Management System™.

    MVC's Iris Project Management SystemVia IRIS™, next-generation collaboration and project tracking will serve our clients with top-flight information and updates, in a surprisingly easy-to-use, intuitive system. Contact us today to discuss how IRIS™ will help you and augment your customer service experience as a client of MVC.

    January 2016

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    MVC's INSTAR Financial System™

    As part of its overall operation and as part of its Internet Presence services, the Martin-Vader Company has integrated its own INSTAR Financial System™ resources group into the "business toolkit" we offer our clients.

    MVC's Instar Financial SystemVia INSTAR, our clients can implement secure, easy-to-use eCommerce solutions for a variety of situations, from special applications to full-blown online stores (with tangible and intangible purchased products, such as downloadable content). MVC can integrate these resources for a tailored solution which seemlessly interacts with an array of merchant services (we particularly recommend industry-leader PayPal™ for most lower-volume applications). With wide scalability, INSTAR can power a range of operations, from those with a few select intermittent transactions, to large, robust systems tied to segmented or "brick-&-mortar" inventories. Of course, security and reliability are paramount, and our clients can depend on INSTAR for excellent performance.

    INSTAR also allows our clients greater flexibility, payment options and case tracking with our own services. Contact us today to discuss your Internet Presence goals and how INSTAR can be a part of your "business toolkit."

    Also visit MVC's Internet Presence page for more information.

    October 2013

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    MVC Deploys KRONOS Online Calendar™ Resources

    As part of its Internet Presence services, the Martin-Vader Company now offers its own KRONOS Online Calendar™ Resources for Web sites.

    MVC's THETIS Content EditorVia KRONOS, implementing your own global calendar is now exceptionally easy. The calendar becomes part of your Web site and is available through a Web browser on practically any Internet-enabled computer or other device. Track and share appointments with a surprisingly easy-to-use, robust system. Grant others access as you need, with the permissions you set (such as view only, add appointments, full edit capabilities, and so on).

    KRONOS also includes modules for online appointment scheduling, which can allow your clients/customers to request appointments with you and your staff (or directly book into your calendar, if you enable the feature). All your customers need do is access your Web site, and you can receive instant updates via email or through your smart device.

    Example User Features

    • Single & Repeating Events
    • MVC's THETIS Content Editor
    • Month, Week, Day and List View
    • Multiple Administrators & Managers
    • Broadcast Emails & Reminders to Users
    • Resource & Room Scheduling
    • Public or Private Calendars
    • Multiple Categories for Different Types of Events
    • Smart Phone / Mobile App

    Operational Features

    • Access with any web browser
    Manage and view calendar from any Internet-enabled computer or smart device.
    • No software or hardware to install
    Works through your browser with virtually any computer—Windows, Mac or Linux.
    • Website integration
    Easily integrates into any website and intranet, and can be public or private.
    • Interactive database
    Instantly updates all calendar views, world-wide.
    • Multiple uses
    For websites, intranets, individuals and teams.
    • Software as a Service
    Easy start up. No servers to manage or software to install.

    Of course, MVC provides step-by-step training and directions. Contact us today to discuss your Internet Presence goals and how KRONOS can be a part of your "business toolkit."

    Also visit MVC's Internet Presence page for more information.

    October 2013

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    MVC Deploys THETIS™ Content Editor

    As part of its Internet Presence services, the Martin-Vader Company now offers its own THETIS™, our easy-to-use content editor for MVC-developed Web sites.

    MVC's THETIS Content EditorVia THETIS™, making on-the-fly simple changes is easy and straight-forward. Of course, MVC provides step-by-step training and directions, and all access to the MVC Server Hive is completely secure. Contact us today to discuss your Internet Presence goals and how THETIS™ can be a part of your business tool kit.

    Also visit MVC's Internet Presence page for more information.

    June 2013

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    MVC To Offer Development of Cellular Device Applications

    Applications for cellular devices (the iPhone, Android and similar smartphone phone and related devices) are definitely one of the "hottest" marketing and customer connection strategies in today's ever-more modern world. The massively popular devices allow almost instantaneous business connections with customers. The potentials are huge—spanning instant-order sales to perpetual marketing that reminds a consumer about a business practically anytime they use their device.

    Cell Phone User

    Many industry pundits see cell phone applications as a catalyst to a new era of marketing and business accessibility. MVC agrees, and has commissioned the necessary leading edge talent to bring development of custom applications to our services.

    True to the overall user-friendly style of these devices, the applications are exceptionally simple and easy to use. They can also add value, unseen at first glance, to the customer's transaction... using the app can be enjoyable, entertaining or even fun. A huge component of the whole dynamic is instant gratification—a customer can place an order or ask a question quickly, intuitively and while the moment is fresh (and, all the while, they are seeing the business's name and perhaps even viewing company advertising).

    Expanding a business's presence to a growing tech-savvy market is important, and is a strategic way to increase revenue, extend services, attract new customers, and raise your firm's competitive edge. Contact MVC today to dialogue about how a cellular device application will help propel your business.

    August 10, 2010

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    Human Resources Consulting

    The Martin-Vader Company announces Human Resources consulting for small and growing businesses and governmental entities.

    Human ResourcesEstablishing a great work force is vital to any business with employees, be it one trusted assistant, or a number of employees distributed in different work groups. Building a team is an important endeavor, and many business owners naturally have questions when their small buiness reaches this stage. MVC can help businesses construct the human resources frameworks appropriate to their type and size of business.

    For businesses that already have employees, MVC is available to help with everything from systems reorganization, growth and development, employee relations, to the challanges presented by problematic employee behavior, employee discipline, or grievances.

    May 27, 2010

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