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RSS Feeds—What Are They?

RSS Feeds (short for Really Simple Syndication) can help your customers keep up with updated content, news and other bulletins from your existing Web site.

With RSS, customers don't necessarily need to visit a company Web site, or even receive an e-mail. A business can distribute news and updates through RSS to people who have subscribed to the RSS "feed." This allows the updates to go to them automatically. (RSS feeds are read with software known as an "Aggregator," or more simply, a "news reader.") Any area of a Web site that is updated regularly is a prime candidate for RSS.

Examples include newsletters, news announcements, site updates, special sales, or when new merchandise or services are being offered. It's another enhancement to distribute information about your products and services. Subscribing and unsubscribing are hassle-free, since RSS entries are simply deleted in the RSS aggregator, giving people control of what updates they receive. (This is in contrast to blanket e-mail distributions, which may annoy some people.) MVC can help you implement RSS for maximum effectiveness.

April 19, 2010

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