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MVC Offers Custom Music Jingles For Business Adverstising

Not everyone knows that MVC offers a complete musical jingle service. MVC talent has created award-winning jingles featured in highly successful advertising campaigns, and we offer our clients professionalism built on real-world experience. In fact, our company talent was responsible for creating the longest running radio jingle in Texas radio broadcast history—the Luskey's Western Store jingle, which received extensive radio play not only in Lubbock, but in all radio markets served by the company. The jingle was written by Mr. Blakley, who is our Director of Creative Arts. (Hear the jingle on our Mass Media Advertising page.)

Utilizing the exceptional musical talent in our Creative Arts Team, MVC can provide a completely customized, catchy jingle that will remain in customer's minds. Jingles are often associated with mass media delivery (television, radio), but in the ever-growing digital age in which we live, jingles can easily become part of a holistic marketing and brand image, including on-line content. Customers can see and hear a cohesive, unified business image spanning radio, television, Web site, and the social networking arenas.

MVC does not use "canned" presentation music unless specifically requested by our clients. Instead, our artisans craft a completely original piece that characterizes the client's targeted self-representation. MVC makes the process easier than what clients might first think, with the process becoming an enjoyable and highly rewarding creative process. Few things can help a business look more polished, and a professionally-engineered jingle will help increase visibility, create an unmistakable public identity, and ultimately drive increases in revenue and profits.

June 02, 2010

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