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MVC To Begin Offering EuroTalk Language Software

As the first phase of the Martin-Vader Company expanding into the language education products market, MVC has completed initial discussions to begin offering EuroTalk Language Learning Software.

EuroTalk is established as a best-selling leader in language learning software. The software is dynamically designed to offer users a genuinely productive and enjoyable experience. Incredibly, the software is available in 160 languages; no other software offers such breadth. A huge plus is that the EuroTalk program interface is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use, allowing learners to focus on the highly interactive lessons, and not on how to run the program.

Outstanding industry reviews are well-deserved for a beautifully designed product that, as a great finishing touch, is very reasonably priced. EuroTalk has sold over 15 million copies worldwide, and MVC is proud to launch our Language Education Products Division by offering such a great language learning tool.

June 22, 2010

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