Company Leadership

Terry W. Martin, of the Martin-Vader Company.

Terry W. Martin
President / CEO

Mr. Martin is an operations management executive with a strong private business and institutional background.

After early successes in helping other business owners manage their operations, including a variety of retail and property management scenarios, Mr. Martin established, owned and operated a successful hair salon in the Lubbock area for several years before gaining experience in executive positions with Hospice of Lubbock and Texas Tech University (where he was Director of the Language Learning Laboratory & Research Center, following Mr. Vader's departure from the position). Over the span of his experiences (particularly at Texas Tech University, where he worked with individuals from all over the globe), he also developed a keen understanding of international relationships and partnering with global or intercultural organizations. Mr. Martin also holds a real estate transaction certification, and is pursuing real estate agent licensure. He is also a member of the Institute of Management Consultants USA.

Mr. Martin is a native of West Texas, and credits his upbringing and the values expressed by his parents for his work ethic, which embraces hard work and honesty. He accepted an invitation to become a principal partner in the company in 1999, and spearheads internal operations.


Janet Elaine Blakley, of the Martin-Vader Company.

Janet Blakley
Associate Vice President for Business Development

Ms. Blakley is an expert business and retail operations management consultant, and is seasoned in commercial and residential real estate. She is a licensed real estate agent and certified in real estate operations. She also works in investment properties and is exceptionally talented in coordinating the endless details of contract management and administration.

She held highly responsible positions with several large conglomerate retailers prior to moving into real estate. Before accepting the position of regional manager for NutriSystems, she had a long career in enterprise and corporate retail management (such as Seiferts, the County Seat, and the Limited) covering several Southwest states including Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. She also worked with the Colorado arm of Room&Board, a large national furniture and home accents retailer. She has an exceptional managerial sensibility, and is a talented merchandising designer. Ms. Blakley also has the community distinction of sitting on the Board of Directors of Arapahoe Community College, a role she has fulfilled since 2017.

Similar to her MVC colleagues, Ms. Blakley grew up with parents who operated several very successful businesses. The value of personal and professional achievement became an important motivator during her early life. Her drive and impeccable work ethic draw endless energy from that early value system. Ms. Blakley joined the MVC consulting team in 2010.


Phade Orion Vader, of the Martin-Vader Company.

Phade Orion Vader
Company Founder & Director

Mr. Vader is a participative operational management professional who is results focused, with a strong sense of professionalism. He is resourceful and practical, with an entrepreneurial, exceptionally creative sensibility. His leadership is founded on pursuit of organizational excellence. He believes strongly in implementing strategic and continuous quality improvement initiatives, a strength and skill set of immediate and obvious benefit for the services MVC offers.

Mr. Vader had a lengthy career in higher education, at Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, Texas. He was Director of the Language Learning Laboratory & Research Center for 13 years, then served as Director of the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures for 7 years. During his tenure with the University, he received several awards for outstanding achievement and exceptional service to the institution.

He has in-depth experience in managing large multi-million dollar budgets, broad scale human resources operations, formulating effective organizational policies and procedures, and handling various regulatory aspects of international operations. He is seasoned at working with individuals from many different cultures, and the subtleties and diplomacy of great value in the forging of international partnerships. He is also a Certified Professional Public Buyer, and is professionally trained and certified in human resources. In addition, Mr. Vader has a lifelong love of technology, spanning robotics to computers, and has always supervised the IT operations in his prior careers. He is a programmer, database designer and web design guru, all keen abilities that obviously enhance MVC's digital services.

Mr. Vader grew up in a family owned business, and was mentored by his parents starting at a very young age. They instilled a firm work ethic, centered around assuring that one's work is of the best quality and that all customers (both internal and external to the organization) are treated with the utmost respect. As mentioned below, Mr. Vader founded the beginnings of the Martin-Vader Company in 1995, and his broad experience in large and small organizations allows him to instantly relate to business owners, managers, and employees at all levels. Mr. Vader stepped down from his role as CEO in late 2018 to focus on the company's initiatives in the sprawling digital and IoT (Internet of Things) realm.


Company History

The earliest incarnations of the Martin-Vader Company appeared in 1995 when Mr. Vader established a small consultancy firm offering a variety of computer and network support services for private individuals and small and growing businesses. Mr. Martin joined the new operation a few years later on a part-time basis.

As the Internet continued its early evolution, the firm began assisting business clients with the creation of websites. Though hard to believe today, for many businesses then, the commercial Internet was an unknown and emerging technology, and MVC had the sterling experience of helping our clients (and ourselves) understand the overwhelming potentials the Internet was forging. It was definitely a "from scratch," "ground-up" era.

The company began complimenting its website development services with traditional print piece design, logo and brand identity creation, and similar business services. The company expanded in 2001 with increased focus on its general consulting services, including asset and facilities management, work flow process development, HR practices, and operational business management.

In the 2010s, MVC continued robust development of its digital services arm, a journey which continues today. With more and more business firmly set in the online arena, this strategic focus is essential. MVC invests in research regarding AI, high performance computing, digital assets, comprehensive online business tools, and the shifting language of the Internet on a global scale. Our resulting services are then informed by that constantly growing knowledge base—and the compelling questions, "How can we best serve our clients, and what do those solutions look like?"

From humble but very earnest beginnings to the services we offer today, the Martin-Vader Company has always insisted on maintaining utter focus on excellent service. To us, it's a simple but immensely powerful mindset which underpins our entire operation.