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Logo Design

Few things could be more important than a logo, the visual symbol by which a business is recognized. The demands required to create a great logo are much more than many people understand. MVC has the professional talent necessary to design a unique logo to represent your unique organization.

Creative Excellence, Technical Precision

Our clients can be assured that our logo designs are given absolute custom treatment. We understand that when a business or other entity commissions the creation of a logo, there is a lot more "on the line" than drawing a set of symbols and matching them to a nice font.

There is a huge difference between "stock-type" logos available through various on-line vendors, and one carefully designed by an artist. Likewise, "crowdsourcing" (such as with on-line design contests) of a logo is just as perilous since the end product commonly does not meet the prescribed elements of good logo design, and often contains stock or even free graphics or fonts, and can feature "amateurish" design.

MVC embraces the design community's accepted rubric regarding what constitutes a good logo:

  • Simple (must not be too complex; a casual review of some of the world's best and most iconic logos usually reveals simplicity).
  • Memorable, Makes a Strong Impression (a "looks like everyone else's" logo, or one that is too simple or too complex, as above, will not be as easily recollected or remain distinguishable). A good example here is the broad overuse of logos which contain the "corporate swoosh" (an elliptical shape or shapes), driven by the popularity of the Nike "swoosh," and their now iconic logo.
  • Unique, Distinguishable (this would seem obvious, but discount or stock-based logos typically share so many characteristics (i.e., design elements and fonts) with others, they become hard to truly differentiate). Logos designed by artists, from scratch, with a creative eye to blend the proper imagery together, are always superior. (MVC begins this process by studying a company's core values, its mission, and what sets it apart from its competitors.)
  • Timelessness & Longevity (a logo must not date itself, and should last perpetually without the need to be "updated" for current trends, or because it has or will eventually contain dated design elements). A logo should also never have concurrent "versions" that are used in different applications; one logo should represent the company's identity, in all aspects.
  • Possesses Format Versatility, Flexibility of Purpose (a logo must be able to be used in a variety of mediums, from scaled print, to mass media applications, to all on-line venues; black and white, full color, extremely small, or large-scale presentations... the logo must perform well in all of these formats).
  • Appropriate & Properly Targeted (a logo must match the business's or organization's services or intended markets; a mismatch will result in sure customer "turn-off" and seriously damage the business's identity).
MVC understands that serious stakeholders in an organization pursue excellence for their enterprise, and that brand identity is crucial and at the top of the list. MVC provides a distinctive blending of design artistry and business branding to create logos for our clients that are genuine, true-to-form logos, and which will convey their business, it's unique identity, and its mission, without question, to the public.
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