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The Martin-Vader Company is the exclusive management company for the Dorothy and Jimmy Blakley musical career, including recordings, compositions, and archival history.

Jimmy & Dorothy Blakley 1950s Era

Jimmy & Dorothy Blakley

Jimmy and Dorothy experienced a fascinating professional career, punctuated by rising successes, commitment to home and family, and utter talent. The couple entered showbusiness during an era when American Country & Western Swing music was forming and rapidly growing in popularity. Their commitment to professionalism, showmanship, and a deep connection to their fan base marked their unique and fruitful career.

Dorothy & Jimmy Blakley in Western Swing Attire 1950s

Boundless Talent, Lifelong Commitment

Dorothy and Jimmy experienced a unique and interesting career, spanning four decades. They began as a duo, joined shortly by another performer to become a trio, and eventually developed their own dance orchestra.

They chose, however, to meter their rising showbusiness career by utter devotion to their family—as they began having children, they opted for more regional recognition. Rather than subject their growing family to a life "on the road," which can be harrisome for even single individuals, or to spend significant time away from their children, they invested their talents in entertaining in localized areas, and worked on and distributed their recordings secondary to their commitment to their family. This became a hallmark of how they handled their career.

Jimmy & Dorothy Blakley in Hawaiian Attire 1970s

Exceptional Adventures

The Blakleys eventually acquired ownership of a sprawling Polynesian-themed, Art Deco-era ballroom in Lubbock, Texas.

Hawaiian music was just emerging as one of the couple's favorite genres, in contrast to their obvious talent in Country and Western Swing, so the new business's theme was fertile ground for musical exploration.

Through this large enterprise, the Blakleys explored composing and performing music spanning Big Band, Country & Western Swing, Contemporary Country, Hawaiian, Popular, and Easy Listening. Other aspects of their large business, including Dorothy's incredible culinary and catering operations, are another aspect of this incredible history.

The Martin-Vader Company will produce future remastered releases of their music, and will commission the building of an on-line archival history of their music, their career together, and the amazing careers and talents that emerged from this musical family, including the Blakley's likewise talented children.

History & New Discography

  • An on-line site is under development to chronicle the couple's amazing adventure from a small performing duo to regional stardom, and how their charming, kind and professional manner won them simple adoration from their fans.
  • A photogallery will be included in this archive which illustrates the four decades of their career.
  • Articles will be included which explain the Blakley's influence on other known performers and their careers, through the Blakley's nurturing mentorship of them.
  • A special historical section will document the pair's purchase and highly successful operation of the sprawling, 25,000 square foot ballroom, and the vividly colorful events and developments of that period.
  • New remastered or re-engineered releases of both the Blakley's original music and their public performances will be compiled and released to commercial markets, as well as made available through the site for paid download.
  • See also MVC's "Mass Media Advertising" page for a sample radio jingle which the Blakley family composed and performed.