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The Martin-Vader Company's normal business hours are 9:00am - 4:00pm Monday through Saturday, Central Standard Time (CST / GMT-6). Some company units (such as the design team in our Business Services Division) commonly operate extended hours, including weekends. Our phone system also provides a variety of messaging options after regular business hours.

Please feel free to contact us by phone (toll free), fax (also toll free), e-mail, the electronic response form on this page, or through conventional mail. Please also see MVC's Launch Point page for a more detailed inquiry regarding our services.
International Clients
Telephone Interpreters & Translation Representatives

MVC has partnered with Language Line Services to provide on-demand live telephone call interpreting. Please feel free to contact MVC to schedule arrangements for an interpreted call. Interpretation is offered in over 160 languages. Callers may also contact Language Line Services directly at

1   8 3 1   6 4 8   7 5 4 8.
MVC will also respond to international inquiries received via e-mail through Language Line Services. If another interpreting service provider is desired, please let us know.
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MVC Client Service:

Toll free:   1   8 8 8   M V C   9 6 8 7  
Fax:  fax 1   8 8 8   M V C   0 9 5 9  
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