Presentation Facilities
Conference & Presentation Room

Enabling Superlative Delivery

When a business or other entity has a well-equipped conference or presentation room in house, presentations and other meetings are apt to be much more effective. Good facilities also help assure that the information conveyed "hits the target," that the audience is focused, and that the entire environment is staged so as to yield optimum productivity. In addition, good equipment and modern technologies can make not only the presentations more effective, but utilize staff time efficiently as well.

Computer Projector

Well-matched Equipment & Design

Equipment must match the needs and purposes of a presentation facility or conference room, while allowing room for growth, updates, and maintenance.

There are also important design elements that must considered to assure the room functions as planned, and serves the business as it was intended. These range from the space's format (row-by-row, in-the-round, or flexible settings), furnishings, floor and window treatments, power, lighting, and several other elements not always obvious when one thinks of why a facility is well-designed.

As also mentioned on our Technology / IT Consulting page, MVC company talent has extensive experience in the design and maintenance of presentation facilities of all sizes, from small intimate conference rooms, to large capacity lecture rooms with specialized purposes. We can help define company needs so that presentation facilities serve their purposes without going "overboard," but which leave room for future growth and expansion.

Careful Design, Solid Performance

  • Defining the facility's purposes, and what kind of functions it must accommodate.
  • Detailing space needs and reconciling those against available room.
  • Specifying the types of presentation equipment that should be considered, ranging from leading-edge modern technologies to more traditional A/V equipment.
  • Handling systems intallation from a project-management level, including the procurement process (bids, quotes, specificiations, warranties, et cetera).
  • Training employees on using the facility and its equipment, including the implementation of scheduling vehicles.