People Comprising Diverse Workforce

Human Resources

Recruiting and retaining the proper human talent is important for any business or organization. While this is a central focus for many organizations, there is much more to the picture.

Instituting solid Human Resources practices assures that an organization attracts the best talent, constantly builds value for the enterprise, operates fairly, and within applicable regulations and employment laws.

Establishing a sound HR operation is a fundamental step for growing businesses, and will prove to be a crucial asset as the company evolves. Businesses which have reached various maturation milestones also find that their HR operation must grow or change scale to keep pace with the overall organization. MVC can assist with a variety of foundational and developmental operations:

  • Organizational Personnel Structures
  • Employee Rewards (Including Wage & Salary, Payroll, Benefits, Retirement, Bonuses, & Recognition Systems)
  • Employee Relations
  • Recruitment
  • Diversity Initiatives (see MVC's Own Diversity Page)
  • Team Building
  • Training
  • Company Policies & Procedures

People Comprising Diverse Workforce

When assisting our clients with recruitment, we utilize our own custom-built system, FORTÉ. Among several key tools is a process to collect targeted applicant information, supportive documents, and in particular, portfolio information.

Example Areas

Since MVC tailors its services to a client's specific needs, areas of focus and their solutions can be endlessly varied. A few of our core service areas are represented above, but this is certainly not an exhaustive list.

Don't see your specific topic or area mentioned? Please contact us for a confidential discussion of your needs.