Consultant is helping his clients, like those served by the Martin-Vader Company.

MVC offers flexible support programs for convenient and timely access to company services for website maintenance, consulting projects, or virtually any on-going need.

MVC understands that clients may experience periods when they need on-demand, prompt support to assure their projects meet their goals, or to assure timeliness when action steps or changes cannot wait. Our programs provide quick-step response, bypassing "in the pipeline" schedules, and thus reduce or eliminate costly delays for time-sensitive projects.

Website Maintenance Plans

MVC has several plans for any scale of website updates and support. From budget-friendly basics to plans serving complex multi-sites, we have capable solutions for all needs.

MVC Consulting Client Gold

The Client Gold Program is limited to a stable but small number of seats, and can serve any MVC client, regardless of physical location. First response call/notification within 7 business hours or less after contacting MVC.

MVC Consulting Client Gold Preferred

The Client Gold Preferred Program is available on a limited basis, and is exclusive to clients located in the following areas: Lubbock, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; and Dallas, Texas. First response call within 3 clock hours or less after contacting MVC.

Please contact MVC at any time for details and to discuss how a support program will help your operation.