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There is so much more to effective marketing and advertising than simply distributing information about a business's products or services. It's about developing a relationship with consumers, even if brief, as in the case of quick impulse purchases, or over the long-term for repeat or expanding business. It's also about beneficial, long-term B2B (business-to-business) relationships that are crucial to stability and growth.

MVC can help businesses create credibility, demonstrate value, and transmit highly targeted concentrated content through a myriad of channels and connect with everyone in the spectrum from direct consumers to competent suppliers to wholesale distributor networks.


Business at a Trade Show & Exposition

Comprehensive or Segmental Services

MVC can assist our clients with marketing management from targeting select or limited campaigns through fully structured mission-based approaches accountable to the stakeholders in an organization. We help organizations large and small build marketing strategies that first understand the organization's history; current and future products and services; when and where milestones have been reached; planned or future initiatives; how best to interface infrastructure and existing resources with marketing goals; then devise categorical plans within each goal or objective group.

In doing so, as stewards of our client's interests, we integrate a wide swath of expertise with proven performance. This includes our own consultants and a trove of invaluable affiliations with serious top-level organizations. We can help analyze, bring structure and enact highly specific or broad marketing solutions that have the absolute best potential to exceed return on investment. True to MVC's typical practice, we usually devise these strategies and help our clients execute them. (Compare this strategy to the more common practice of a client receving a consulting firm's nicely bound report, then left adrift regarding tangible implementation.)


Business at a Trade Show & Exposition

Trade Shows & Expositions

Trade shows are serious business. For many sectors, they form the bedrock on which key connections are made and furthered. MVC understands this dynamic, and we also understand the wealth of benefits from running well-planned and executed shows. In fact, MVC sees the specific show or exposition as only one critical component in a longer sequence that represents an entire campaign.

We are also experts in show prospecting, design and management. There are layers and iterations of steps involved in proper trade show management, and we have literally decades of hard-won experience in every conceivable aspect. Whether you need assistance with designing an exposition booth, or with broad-scale international management of your key shows, MVC has the creative and managerial talent to handle all aspects in your behalf.


Radio Jingles--Radio Microphone & Editing Equipment

Radio Jingles

Well-produced musical jingles provide high return on the investment, hence their mainstay popularity in advertising. A catchy jingle will stay in customers' minds, creating distinctive branding and ultimately driving increases in revenue and profits.

MVC offers professionalism built on experience: Our company talent was responsible for creating the longest running radio jingle in Texas radio broadcast history—the Luskey's Western Store jingle, which aired in all radio markets served by the company. The jingle was written by Mr. Blakley, MVC's Associate Vice President for Creative Arts. All MVC commissioned jingles are originally composed and performed (we do not use "canned" production music).

Jingles are often associated with mass media delivery (television, radio), but they can easily extend into on-line content. Customers then see and hear a cohesive, unified business image spanning all venues—radio, television, Web site, and the social networking arenas.

Television Commercial--Nursery Shooting Commercial With Clerk Selling Orchids to Woman

Television Coverage/Commercials

Often seen as the ultimate plateu in advertising, television exposure provides an unparalleled direct consumer connection. Launching a polished television campaign with keen targeting is second to none for assuring increases in revenue and profits.

MVC can assist clients in the initial conceptualization of how a television campaign will best serve them. We can then proceed through devising budgets, initial storyboarding, and arrangements for the production process.

As with radio jingles, MVC talent has created award-winning television visuals and advertisements. We support our client's exciting exploration of this advertising potential with real experience, and a uniquely MVC creative flair.

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Newspaper Campaigns

A venerable medium, newspaper advertisements can represent a strong value. Most business owners and other stakeholders find they are quite comfortable with newspaper advertising, and MVC can help clients obtain the absolute maximum potential for the investment.

We can also assist our clients by presenting their business in a unified way, drawing on existing marketing initiatives. MVC strategies can extend the reach of this advertising by connecting it with other venues (such as on-line), tapping broader markets, and by utilizing low-cost strategies that add value to standing campaigns.


  • Professional development of marketing, advertising and digital strategies.
  • Focus on market segment and targeted consumer connections.
  • Unified, cohesive integration between all forms of public presence, branding, marketing and advertising, including traditional print, radio, television, and modern ditial strategies.
  • Original design services, spanning graphics, scripting, musical composition, video, traditional print assets and similar creative elements.






















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Composed by Jimmy Lee Blakley, Jr.
Performed by Jimmy Blakley, Sr. (Lead Vocals, Fiddle, Steel Guitar); Dorothy Blakley (Piano, Backup Vocals); Jimmy Lee Blakley, Jr. (Drums, Fiddle, Backup Vocals); Charles "Chuck" Harrison (Guitar)