Cellular Device Applications
Woman Using Cell Phone

Applications for cellular devices (the iPhone, Android and similar phone devices) are definitely one of the "hottest" marketing and customer connection strategies in today's ever-more modern world.

The massively popular devices allow almost instantaneous business connections with customers. The potentials are huge—spanning instant-order sales to perpetual marketing that reminds a consumer about a business practically anytime they use their device.

Many industry pundits see cell phone applications as a catalyst to a new era of marketing and business accessibility. MVC agrees, and has commissioned the necessary leading edge talent to bring development of custom applications to our services.

True to the overall user-friendly style of these devices, the applications are exceptionally simple and easy to use. They can also add value, unseen at first glance, to the customer's transaction... using the app can be enjoyable, entertaining or even fun. A huge component of the whole dynamic is instant gratification—a customer can place an order, check a business's current specials, or ask a question quickly, intuitively and while the moment is fresh (and, all the while, they are seeing the business's name and perhaps even viewing company advertising).

Expanding a business's presence to a growing tech-savvy market is important, and is a strategic way to increase revenue, extend services, attract new customers, and raise your firm's competitive edge. Contact MVC today to dialogue about how a cellular device application will help propel your business.

The Future, Here & Now

  • Accelerating trends in app usage and development have "taken the market by storm." Recent research by the Pew Foundation concludes that a "cell phone app" culture is on the rise.
  • MVC can help a business ascertain how an application can spur client or customer contact, interest, and communication, all contributing towards increases in revenue.
  • The rate at which applications for Android devices are being developed is startling. Industry statistics demonstrate that this platform has experienced more rapid growth, in comparative timeframes, than in the iPhone arena. MVC thus recommends that each app be developed for both platforms—iPhone and Android devices. This assures that customers can access your app regardless of the type of device they own. MVC can devise technical specifications to assure apps are equivalent but take advantage of features unique to each platform.