Business Services Division
Janet Hooks, MVC Consultant

Diversified Solutions, Unified Approach

The Martin-Vader Company Business Services Division offers our clients a full score of integrated resources. Nimble, unified creative strategies are a must for peak business performance, and innovative thinking is not only strategic in today's business climate, it is essential.

The Martin-Vader Company recognizes that many business concepts, strategies, and ideas have wide-ranging application, and serve many different types of businesses. There are, of course, just as many of these elements that are unique to the field in which a business is operating, and may also be unique to a particular business. It is this strength of recognition that drives MVC's exceptional customer service. We can serve a wide array of businesses with existing company talent, and have resources to recruit additional expertise whenever it is needed.

We have assisted companies in a broad range of fields, and watch closely for every opportunity for productive cross-collaboration. For instance, a project at a mortgage financing firm may lead to highly productive connections in related industries, such as real estate. (Janet Hooks, pictured above, for example, is MVC's on-call consultant for real estate and retail administration; she is licensed to design and implement the numerous operative mechanisms required in real estate firms, and is seasoned in a variety of retail management situations.)

Consultant Showing Business People a Profit Analysis

Partnered Alliances

As stated on our Vision & Mission Statements page, The Martin-Vader Company enthusiastically supports business development, spanning the entire gamut—from the initial inspiration that leads one person to go into business for themselves, to firms which are transcending maturation steps as they grow. We exist to help businesses perform better and reap increased profits.

With our broad assembled business and organizational expertise and technical company talent, MVC forms strategic partnerships with our clients through our diverse services and exceptional customer treatment philosophy.