MVC Vision & Mission Statements

The Martin-Vader Company's Vision and Mission statements are much more than text that simply resides in the company's business plan, written at some past moment then forgotten. MVC refers back to these statements frequently as a checksum to assure we are staying on target, that our focus is remaining sharp, and as a part of our own TQM.

Our Vision and Mission statements are based on our company's core values:

  • Commit to quality, precision, and absolute integrity.
  • Lead responsibly, with humility and a passion for new ideas.
  • Demonstrate respect to all with whom we interact.
  • Think globally and embrace diversity.
  • Protect the environment; consider and eliminate environmental impacts in all that we do.

Vision Statement

    Growing the Future by Growing Businesses

As mentioned on MVC's "About Us" page, the company deeply believes that there is a fundamental and crucial strength in the success of small and growing businesses. We also believe the cornerstone they represent in modern life is vital to a vibrant, stable economy.

The Martin-Vader Company enthusiastically supports business development, spanning the entire gamut—from the initial inspiration that leads one person to go into business for themselves, to firms which are transcending maturation steps as they grow.

Mission Statement

The Martin-Vader Company will develop its own company based on an immovable work ethic that is squarely centered on integrity. No goal, purpose or endeavor will usurp this foundational principle.

From that vantage point, the Martin-Vader Company will assist other businesses by helping them to understand where improvements can be made, how to successfully implement change for growth, and to progressively refine their presence in their own market. We will do this by an unfailing commitment to astonishingly superb and personalized customer service, and to be honest and forthright in all business dealings. In so doing, we will build a reputation for absolute quality. The value of the services we offer to our clients, in turn, will lead MVC to an accomplished station as one of the best and most top-flight business services firms in the region, the nation and the world.