Global Diversity
Global Diversity Business Team

The Martin-Vader Company embraces diversity, on multiple levels—as part of our own fundamental way of conducting business, and as a component of our consulting services to help other businesses broaden their own understanding and insights.

We endeavor to expand the scope of opportunity open to all businesses by the advantages introduced through connections transcending cultural, ethnic, and geographic (and many other) boundaries. Central to this is a company belief system that deeply appreciates the incredible ribbon of talent, depth, value, and human insight that peoples of many nations, diverse backgrounds, and experiences can bring to the business (and personal) enrichment table.

An inclusive approach to the recruitment of human talent only invigorates a company's enterprise, and diversity in the company's business relationships allows it to flourish in ways that it could not absent that diversity and inclusiveness. For small and growing businesses, developing improved or new strategies for diversity may lead business owners and top stakeholders to feel they aren't very knowledgeable, or lack the intercultural experience, or simply don't know a lot about the subject in general. This is understandable, and MVC can provide insight to diminish any uneasiness, and assist the company to become properly equipped to be successful—and quite comfortable—in its new diversity-related initiatives or expansions.

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Company Policy As Catalyst

Diversity and inclusiveness broaden a company's resources, access to new ideas, new talent, and new markets, and there has never been a time of such availability, potential and opportunity. Some very apt expressions have, over time, become somewhat trite, such as "global village" and "the world is getting smaller," but their roots and real meaning nevertheless ring true.

MVC can assist businesses in formulating policies, procedures, training materials and similar mechanisms to accurately reflect the entity's diverse and inclusive direction. We can also assist with formulating related personnel mechanisms for those businesses which are, due to their size, scope, areas of operation, or their discipline, required to meet various legal and regulatory requirements.

Diversity As A Company Strength

Diversity can be represented on several stages and in several contexts—regional, national, and global. MVC incorporates diversity, in all of its forms, as part of a holistic strategy for its own operations. We can also help companies develop diversity initiatives and business platforms for themselves:

  • Creation of internal diversity priorities that become an integral component of the business's strategic plan.
  • Technical development of policies, procedures and company statements that manifest the initiatives into daily operational thinking and processes.
  • Assist with building connections with suppliers, contractors, financial institutions, legal counsel, and municipal or other governing entities, when international commerce enters onto a business's radar.
  • Help devise successful strategies that deepen the business's relationship and value in the communities and locales, whether in another U.S. state or another country altogether, in which it plans to establish company connections (such as with suppliers) or its own operations of whatever scale.
  • Formulate strategies to broaden the recruitment of human talent in a diverse and inclusive manner, and to extend the company's market to diverse populations (increasing revenue and driving increased profit).
A strong, inclusive diversity strategy can help businesses gain a competitive edge that cannot be found through any other means, and it is vital for those organizations who operate globally or who plan to enter the international marketplace.
About MVC

The Martin-Vader Company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or veteran status. In the case of employees, we base our decisions on individuals, their abilities and qualifications; a matching mindset is applied as we grow our own business-to-business relationships and partnering.

MVC has a deep appreciation for other cultures, other nations, and people from an array of backgrounds and experiences, and we are always intrigued by any opportunity to interact with diverse populations. We see incredible value and opportunity in this, and also see how so much of our modern world is utterly dependent on diverse, intercultural, international connections every day.

MVC is also a United States ("American") company, with deep pride for its own incredible nation. As reflected in our Vision & Mission statements, and on our "About MVC" page, we wholly believe in the the success of small and growing American business enterprises, and will work to support their fundamental role in our country. In addition, MVC will always conduct itself on the international stage in a manner that contributes to the esteem many cultures and nations have for the United States. Likewise, we will gaurd our business reputation, and will not involve our company with entities who we may deem to be at severe odds with commonly accepted international ethical principles, basic respect for human life, equality and diversity, or if known to be subversive to the United States, its government, or its founding principles and belief in freedom and in free enterprise. (Of course, MVC business trade is also ultimately governed by the regulations of the United States Government, including standing economic or trade sanctions and embargoes.)