Environmental Initiatives
Terry W. Martin, Vice President of MVC

Like any responsible company, the Martin-Vader Company feels very strongly that there can be no more important initiative than to enact environmentally responsible conduct, and fervently work towards protecting the planet. Our "Caring for the Planet" initiative spans our own belief system, our own operation, and appears in our business consultation services.

The people who comprise MVC were environmentally conscious long before the appearance of the imminent pressures we recognize today. Recycling, minimizing or eliminating pesticide and herbicide use whenever feasible, and re-use of materials are examples of ideals that have always been important to us. (Our team recalls an era when doing these things might have branded one "a geek," "tree-hugger," or other similar term.) Today, the world has reckoned the value of recycling, conservation, and implementing clean fuel practices against an ominous backdrop, one which illustrates the planet's health in serious danger of failing. If it does, life for all the planet's inhabitants will irrevocably shift (for the worse). MVC believes that person by person, and company by company, real change and improvement can transpire.

MVC insists that its own operations are environmentally friendly, and that as much as possible we use products that are the result of recycling or developments in sustainable alternative natural materials. We recycle common materials (paper, glass, metal and plastic), and support community efforts to enhance understanding and encourage all citizens and companies to make environmentally sound practices simply part of their routine.

Due to the technological and computer-related nature of many of our operations and services, we promote the use of digital forms of information, eschewing paper, fax and traditional file copies whenever possible. We specialize in helping our clients develop strategies to convert existing traditional paper-based information systems into digital equivalents ("equivalents" being an imprecise word since many forms of digital information provide vastly superior capabilities, and ultimately superior benefits, over their paper counterparts).

Company Strategies Are Company Strengths

As part of its "Caring for the Planet" initiative, MVC pledges to be an active participant in environmentally helpful practices, and to advise our clients about the multitude of methods any size business can implement to contribute towards a better environment:

  • Assist in the development of self-assessment tools to identify areas of good environmental performance, areas in need of improvement, and problem issues requiring prompt action.
  • Illustrate simple methods to enact eco-friendly operations that also help a business conserve costs.
  • Provide research into regulatory issues that may face the company, and how those can be addressed and in a fashion that regularizes best practices.
  • Develop strategies to put the company's proactive eco stance in front of customers, increasing customer confidence and enhancing the company's reputation in the community.