Community Outreach
Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs Initiative

The Martin-Vader Company wants to support young business talent, and encourage those students who are contemplating a business-related career direction. MVC is developing a future program to work in coördination with high school business programs and participating host companies.

On a competitive basis, students in junior or senior high school who either have a progressive idea for a small business, or who have already started a small enterprise, will be awarded fellowships. A small cash stipend will be provided, as well as matching the student(s) with a business mentor(s) in their community, in the same or a similar field as that of their interest. If it is jointly of interest to the student and the business mentor(s), the student can also earn a part-time wage performing experiential work in the mentor's place of business

In conjunction with their high school business instructor (or school-work program coördinator), the program will seek to merge practical and applied applications of business strategies, complimenting the school instruction. Participants will present their business conception at a publicly-held forum. Further enhancements for the program will include connections with college business school recruiters, with an emphasis on:

  • Matching the student with an institution that has programs serving or complimenting the student's interests.
  • Searching out scholarship funding opportunities, particularly those at potential institutions of choice, and working with them to explore these opportunities in advance.

Businesses which would like to collaborate, contribute, or participate as mentors in the future program are invited to contact MVC.

Scholarship Development

In connection with the Young Entrepeneurs Initiative, the Martin-Vader Company will be spearheading the creation of a private scholarship trust endowment to assist participants in the program with initial costs of starting college. Interested individuals and businesses that wish to collaborate or contribute to this endeavor are invited to contact MVC.