Case Examples of Our Service
Following are a few representative cases of MVC's services to our clients. Protecting client confidentiality is a priority for MVC, and we do not automatically list our clients in a public portfolio. (For those clients who request or consent, the company name may be included.)

Academic Department, Institution of Higher Education

Scenario:  After substantive changes in management and related restructuring of a large world languages and literatures department, MVC was commissioned to provide advisories regarding past operational practices, current transitional changes, and relevant anticipated initiatives. In addition, the project included highly detailed assessments and advisories for a specialized support center, Executive Management Services, and the on-site implementation of recommended action plans. Read More

International Cotton Concern

Scenario:  En route to establishing a regional cotton handling facility, a multi-million dollar international fiber corporation asked MVC to devise and implement several infrastructural components of the regional office. The complex organizational structure required a carefully segmented approach since the client requested both recommendations and the execution of resulting action plans. Read More

High-volume Mortgage Company

Scenario:  A rapidly growing mortgage company felt that their operation was inefficient, with workload pressures affecting both morale and effectiveness. Their vision of additional growth, and opening new branch offices, was stalling while the company struggled to handle a cumbersome workload. In addition to comprehensive consulting surveys, the company also engaged MVC for Executive Management Services. Read More

Prominent Mental Health Provider

Scenario:  A growing mental health practice was in need of networking and computer support services, which were intimately tied to workflow processes dictated by the firm's billing and management software. In addition, the practice had a "home grown" Web site, provided by an employee's relative. Read More

Internet Presence Solutions

Due to the prominent importance of a solid Internet Presence for practically any business (or other enterprise), MVC features a few samples of its Internet Presence projects in a separate page.  Read More