Business Ethics
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MVC Operational Statement

It would be impossible for the Martin-Vader Company to uphold its core company values and mission statement without a commitment to ethical behavior as a business. MVC strives to always assure that we do the right things, and in the right ways, for our clients, our employees, and our strategic partners. We believe that culturing strong, lasting business relationships begins with respect, honesty, care, and ethical practices. When these principles are in place, we believe success will naturally follow.


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Resources & Training

For our clients, MVC can assist businesses and other organizations in identifying core values, and how those then translate into daily operations. A business owner may find themselves asking very genuine questions, such as "What values are important to me and my business?", or "How do my own experiences shape my perceptions of business ethics?" Such questions, and many others, are natural as a business owner, manager or director furthers their understanding. (This can be particularly acute as businesses grow, and experience more complex operational demands.)

Ethics spans all areas of operations, including marketing and advertising, personnel policies and training, financial controls, environmental policies, and daily management decisions, to name just a few. Though the breadth can seem daunting and complicated, the underlying principles are truly simple.

MVC can arrange employee and management-centered seminars, and help a business develop custom policies, procedures and materials that will create a culture that promotes ethical practices. We can assist in integrating a unified approach that adds value to the organization, and ultimately, furthers the business's reputation and customer confidence quotient.