About MVC
Phade Orion Vader, President & CEO of MVC

The Martin-Vader Company is a privately held Limited Liability Company, headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, USA, which provides specialized business and management consulting, Internet Presence Solutions, unified advertising and marketing strategies, and core business operative assessments and outcomes strategies. The company is also expanding into services for the agricultural sector, and assisting companies outside the United States (such as in the European Union, with an initial focus on Germany and England) who wish to explore connections with or marketing to other companies or consumers in the U.S.

The company's mantle is "Growing the Future by Growing Businesses," and we deeply believe in the spirit and opportunities of free enterprise, and the importance of small and growing businesses.

MVC is recognized as a top strategic partner because of our commitment to serving our clients:

  • Providing unparalleled, professional service.
  • Treating each client as truly unique, with unique needs.
  • Delivering resourceful, creative thinking that always remains practical and achievable.
  • Promising forthright, honest exchanges in all that we do.
  • Assuring precision in our work, spanning each and every element with which we assist our clients.
  • Offering no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation to determine a client's needs and how MVC can serve them.
Company founder Phade Orion Vader (pictured above left, foreground), sends this personal message to all potential MVC clients: "We understand that when a business seeks out professional help, with any segment of its operations, there's an immense opportunity to strengthen the organization, and to propel revenue and increase profits. This is something we profoundly respect, and find exceptionally exciting."
About MVC

The earliest incarnations of the Martin-Vader Company appeared in 1995 when Mr. Vader established a small consultancy firm offering a variety of computer and network support services for private individuals and small and growing businesses. Mr. Martin joined the new operation shortly afterwards on a part-time basis.

As the Internet continued its early evolution, the firm began assisting business clients with the creation of Web sites. (For many businesses then, the commercial Internet was an unknown emerging technology, and MVC had the sterling experience of helping our clients (and ourselves) understand the overwhelming potentials the Internet was forging. It was definintely a "from scratch," "ground-up" era.)

The company began complimenting its Web site development services with traditional print piece design, logo and brand identity creation, and similar business services. The company expanded in 2001 and shortly added media content for online delivery and increased focus on its general consulting services, including asset and facilities management, broadscale technology acquisitions, work flow process development, and business management.

From humble but very earnest beginnings to the services we offer today, the Martin-Vader Company has always insisted on maintaining utter focus on its clients. We exist to help businesses perform better and reap increased profits. To us, it's a simple but immensely powerful mindset which underpins our entire operation.