Education Division

Martin-Vader Company talent has decades of experience in various segments of education, and brings this experience to a defined palette of educational services.

Professional Educational Consultant

Serious Experience

Backed by a combined experience base—in actual educational resource centers and departments—spanning over 30 years, we can provide our clients with technical expertise specifically groomed in language learning laboratories and similar pedagogical settings. We have experience built semester by semester, challenge by challenge, and understand the varied elements involved in designing, installing, implementing and actually using student learning systems.

Students & Instructor Using Educational Equipment

Capable Application

We gained our experience in real settings working with actual students, actual instructors, and a variety of evolving programs. It is that experience that allows MVC to assist our clients from a unique vantage point. We help our clients ascertain what type and scale of service platform they need, and we assist in action plans far beyond simple installation of software or equipment—we help establish: internal departmental structures; personnel needs assessments; strategic approaches; training rubrics for instructors and employees. All of these elements lead to implementation and targeted usage that immediately begins to meet instructional goals.

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Note: Our Educational & Training Products line has changed as of late fall, 2012. While we are no longer dealers of hardware, we are continuing to explore a specialized partnership with EuroTalk, of London, England.

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