Internet Presence / Web Sites
Consultant Showing Businessman New Website

Vital for Business

A business must have an effective, on-target Internet Presence to thrive. An Internet Presence is much more than a Web site—it encompasses a business strategy that spans information exchange (including advertising and customer contact) to public branding to e-commerce and on-line revenue.

For businesses which need a new on-line presence, MVC can develop a strategy and customized Web site "from scratch." We can also renovate existing site(s), and assist in exploring exciting enhancements, including a multi-pronged approach into on-line marketing and e-commerce. (Please review a sampling of our portfolio in our Case Examples area.)

Web Designer at Workstation

Completely Customized

Everything we do is customized and tailored both in design and scalability to the business. Our designs are functional, eye-catching, professional, and match the business's markets, purposes, and vision.

We place an emphasis on the creative process, which involves our client to whatever level they wish. We can create suggested prototype concepts based on intitial consultation, or we can build upon inspirations our clients have envisioned. We can also seemlessly incorporate an existing brand identity (perhaps already established in the firm's traditional print pieces such as brochures, business cards, and the like), or we can design or update a business's logo and brand identity strategies. (Of course, MVC can incorporate new or existing logos and other brand identity elements into all on-line and traditional advertising/marketing venues.)

World Wide Web on Keyboard

Fully Integrated, Fully Scalable

We approach the building of an on-line presence as a unified, crucial part of the business. We also understand that every client is unique (we do not believe in "one-size-fits-all" approaches).

We can develop e-commerce strategies that not only place our client's products and services on-line, but provide real business analytics that demonstrate how customers are interacting with the business's Internet Presence. Decision making is then more informed, and there is much greater potential to target specific strategies for increasing revenue.

MVC THETIS Content Editor

Client Empowerment

MVC offers our clients the option of utilizing THETIS™, our easy-to-use content editor. Via THETIS, making on-the-fly simple changes to your Web site is easy and straight-forward.

Of course, MVC provides step-by-step training and directions, and all access to the MVC Server Hive is completely secure. Contact us today to discuss your Internet Presence goals and how THETIS™ can be a part of your business tool kit.


Creative Design & Solid Performance

Web Technologies - Drupal, WordPress, HTML 5, CSS3, and PHP

  • Domain registration and naming strategies.
  • Customized, scalable Web sites, from a few static pages to larger sites with dynamic content. Design services can include the creation of logos and various brand identity elements, or we can easily incorporate existing elements.
  • Production and inclusion of custom creative multi-media content, spanning Flash, video, music, and custom animation.
  • Option to utilize MVC's THETIS Content Editor™. Clients can apply text updates and similar site changes whenever they need, 24/7.
  • Option to implement MVC's KRONOS Online Calendar™, providing an Internet-based global calendar for a number of uses and applications.
  • e-Commerce solutions, including shopping carts and on-line catalogs, utilizing powerful platforms well-respected in the industry, ranging from Magento, to Adobe's Business Catalyst, to specialized proprietary systems integrated with existing POS platforms.
  • Scalable e-mail and e-newsletter solutions, ranging from accounts for company employees to easy-to-use e-mail marketing tools.
  • Robust, easy-to-understand business analytics and report options for e-commerce applications.
  • Top strategies to assure search engine optimization ("SEO") propels the business's visibility and likelihood of attracting new customers.
  • Flexible site maintenance options, from very basic to those implementing a robust Content Management System or Content Management Framework ("CMS" or "CMF"), built on industry-recognized major platforms (such as Drupal). Sites can be maintained by MVC, by the client, or in a combination depending on specific needs. MVC's Client Support Programs are also available for priority service.
  • Flexible hosting options—MVC can arrange for hosting on some of the most reliable and secure systems available, or we can easily work with existing or other hosts.
  • Process and workflow management enhancements with company Intranets and employee Internet-based applications.